Top 5 Platforms for Boosting Blogger Outreach Campaigns

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We have already covered how to get started with a blogger outreach campaign and the best practices. This post focuses on some of the best platforms you can use to reach the right bloggers. Finding the right bloggers for your campaigns and getting in touch with them is a time-consuming and often tedious task. However, there are plenty of tools and established networks that can help you speed up the process and connect with relevant bloggers in less time.

Top 5 Blogger Outreach Tools

Most of the platforms covered here offer fermium services, but it’s highly recommended to give paid plans a try to realize the true potential of these tools and networks. The tools are designed to help marketers reach and engage with the right influencers and more to make their blogger outreach campaigns a success.

The fermium version of Buzzsumo allows users to research and curate content and find the most relevant content related to a particular niche. You need to upgrade to the Pro version to access advanced outreach tools and get in touch with the right influencers. The platform allows searching influencers and viewing the topics and content they have shared.

Advanced filters allow narrowing down your research using different filters such as influence, engagement level and authority. Lists of influencers and other key information can easily be exported into Excel/CSV/PDF files for further analysis and sharing with other apps.

The pricing for paid plans start at $99/month, but the provider offers 20% discount on annual subscription as well as 40% and 30% discount for NGOs and educational institutions respectively. All paid plans include unlimited searches, content analysis and reports and domain reports.

Key features

  • Unlimited web and twitter searches for influencers
  • Backlink, brand and competitor alerts
  • Question analyzer
  • You tube analyzer
  • Facebook analyzer
  • Search and analysis on up to 5 years old data
  • Multiple logins per account
  • Excel/CSV/PDF export
  • URL export to projects
  • Custom trending feeds
  • Advanced trending filters
  • Content analysis reports
  • Domain reports
  • Top author search

Trusted by many reputable and large businesses, NinjaOutreach also works well for small and medium businesses. It helps marketers run successful influencer marketing campaigns by allowing them to search and filter through a large pool of influencer insights to find the right ones. Users can easily search for social media influencers and business profiles from any location and niche. All they need to do is to enter the right keywords to get access to influencer profiles and email addresses.

Email and marketing APIs help users get rid of multiple tools and spreadsheets to collaborate and makes organization effortless with the built-in CRM. Instagram API provides instant access to analytics, metrics and influencers on Instagram. Users can search influencers based on different criteria, including profile data, hashtags, metrics and location.

Pricing for monthly plans start from $299/month, but there is a 60% discount on annual subscriptions ($119/month). It makes sense to go for the annual plan if you are in blogger outreach for the long term. The main differences between the Flex and Pro include the number of contacts (1k vs 4k), seats (1 vs 3), connected emails (1 vs 4) and monthly email limit (10k vs 15k).

Key Features

  • Access to 64 million Instagram influencers
  • 7 million twitter influencers
  • 5 million business emails
  • 6 million bloggers
  • Up to 4k contacts
  • Up to 3 seats
  • Up to 4 emails
  • Up to 15k emails/month
  • Unlimited searches
  • Data import
  • Lead generation
  • Built-in CRM
  • Data export
  • Instagram search and API
  • YouTube search
  • Link building software
  • Personalized outreach messages

The platform is primarily intended for public relations, link-building and sales and allows businesses to build sale outreach, email, social media and phone campaigns. It puts email outreach on autopilot through its powerful mail-merge personalization features and automatic follow ups. The platform comes with an integrated phone dialer so users can make cold calls directly from the web browser.

Mailshake is designed to improve connect rates and engagement through twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and makes it easier to track performance and manage leads with the light-weight CRM. The platform also seamlessly integrates with a variety of other systems and apps, including G Suite, Outlook, HubSpot, CallLoop, zoom and Slack.

The Email Outreach plan costs $59/user/month and allows connecting to all the popular email providers. The Sales Engagement plan costs $99/user/month and includes all Email Outreach features plus phone dialer, social selling and on-boarding calls. The Email Outreach plan is suitable for users who just need email features, while the Sales Engagement plan works well for users who also need the phone functionality.

Key features

  • Email personalization
  • Outreach templates
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Prospecting via social media
  • Automated email sequences and follow ups
  • Integration with over 1,000 apps via Zapier
  • Click, reply and open monitoring
  • A/B testing
  • 5k list cleaning credits per month
  • Integrated phone dialer
  • Social selling
  • Custom tasks
  • On-boarding phone calls
  • Large scale cold emailing

The content marketing and influencer outreach platform is designed for SEO agencies, publishers and brands to promote their content and minimizes the learning curve through its intuitive user interface. It allows them to find bloggers, influencers and publishers through advanced keyword search and multiple prospecting profiles.

The platform can be integrated with a variety of SEO solutions, including Ahref, Moz, Majestic and LRT, which extends functionality and allows users to do more from a single platform. Integration with these SEO tools means users don’t have to switch between different platforms to manage their SEO.

Complete control over messaging allows users to fully customize their outreach emails according to the target audience, while automatic follow ups helps boost response rates without requiring any manual input. However, these advanced features come at a cost as PitchBox is priced relatively higher than the competition. That’s what makes the platform more suitable for agencies, publishers and high-profile bloggers.

Pricing starts from $195/month (Basic Plan), which includes up to 2k outreach emails, one workspace and up to two users who also get access to a variety of features including automation sequence and follow ups, reporting and basic SEO. Small Business ($295/month) includes advanced SEO and reporting features. The SEO Agency and Enterprise plans cost $395 and $1500 per month respectively and come with more advanced features.

Key features

  • Multiple prospecting profiles
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Integration with some of the most popular SEO providers
  • Personalized and fully customizable outreach
  • Automated follow ups
  • White-label management
  • Team and client reports

The platform for link builders, digital PR and content promotion allows users to research influencers, build relationships and carry out personalized outreach. It makes prioritization easier by showing the most influential and important contacts first and discovering their social profiles, contact information and other metrics. All emails and tweets are neatly organized in one place so users can keep track of their communication.

Automated follow ups, centralized database and team collaboration helps teams focus more on the important stuff instead spending most of their time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Deep insight into outreach campaigns and team performance allows users to adjust course timely and always stay on top of their campaigns.

BuzzStream offers reasonably priced plans that start from $24/month and allow out-of-the box outreach. Businesses and agencies that need project reporting and team sharing features can opt for the Group plan priced at $99/month. The Professional plan ($299/month) includes advanced analytics, API access, customizability and personalized support while custom pricing is also available for users who need additional functionality.

Key features

  • Contact information discovery
  • Reply, click and open tracking
  • Email templates, scheduling and reminders
  • Automated follow ups
  • Influencer/publisher metrics
  • Twitter tracking
  • Performance reports
  • Link monitoring
  • Bulk emails
  • Customizable permissions
  • Team performance reporting
  • API


Most of the platforms covered here offer fermium services, but it’s highly recommended to give paid plans a try to realize the true potential of these tools and networks. The tools are designed to help marketers reach and engage with the right influencers and more to make their blogger outreach campaigns a success.