Tips for Generating Blog Post Ideas

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Are you planning on writing a blog post but lacking inspiration? Don’t worry as this can happen to anyone. Generating an idea for a blog post that will be popular among readers, fun to write, and useful, is often a difficult task. Here are some ideas to generate a catchy blog post idea:

1. Get in Touch with Readers

Since your blog post is for your readers, it must contain information that is relevant and useful for them. Reach out to your readers. For this purpose, you can use different platforms, like an email, or a text message asking your readers what problems they are facing these days and how do they plan on solving them. This also helps you understand precisely what kind of blog posts will be popular among a majority of readers.

Let them be open about ideas, sift through them, and you will have a list of ideas that you can research and write on.

2. Stay Acquainted with The Trending Topics On Social Media

Without a doubt, a lot of issues and their solutions become the talk of the town through social media platforms. Social media (link with the article Major Social Media Platforms) has an impact on all of us, and it often forms the main source of all information we receive and believe in. Keep an eye on the trending topics. See, what people are most intrigued by and what they want to read and listen to. You will have many ideas, some of which may even be close to your heart. Therefore, you can rectify misconceptions and give your perspective about the topic in your own blog. Also, such topics are fun to write about and may get you out of the writer’s block.

Keep track of hashtags on Twitter, which undoubtedly supply you with a list of the trending topics in order of popularity. Read people’s ideas and discussions about these topics, and you will surely get your inspiration.

3. Conduct Surveys

The internet is a powerful tool. You can often get to know what is happening in the world and people’s personal lives. People on the internet are often willing to take fun quizzes and fill out surveys. Surveys with a bit of a personal touch can be given out. You can assess the issues people are going through these days and conceive ideas that will intrigue your audience. You may also get a glimpse of precisely what language and tone the audience is looking for, in order to generate a good blog post idea along with the material to write.

4. Look Out for Popular Movies, Shows, And Books

Reach out for platforms like Netflix or YouTube and find out what people are watching. Ask them what they love about the show through social media. Study on your own the things that may have intrigued people into watching the specific show. Find out what were their hopes and disappointments. There may be a social issue brought to light through the show. It could have missed a certain thing people were desperately looking for. Write your blog posts to fill this gap.

The same goes for books. See what books people are reading online and otherwise. Look at book reviews by people on Amazon. Scrutinize the facts that are missing. Look for ideas that inspired people and the topic through which the book came to the limelight. The ideas are often linked to our lives and can work as an inspiration for a writer.

5. Google is Your Best Friend

The Google search bar is a valuable idea generator. Whatever you are planning on writing, just type it in the Google search bar. The auto-suggest will give you a list of the most popular topics that people are looking for, related to your idea. This will give you an idea about what will be most popular among readers, and you can also generate catchy headings using the keywords.

You can also use Google Keyword Research to find interesting and most used keywords for the related topic.

6. Study the Work Of Other Bloggers

With so much material available on the internet, it is imperative to see what will stand out. You should never steal or copy from other bloggers; instead, check out what they are writing about and what is trendy. In another perspective, you can see what the internet is saturated with and avoid writing on those topics to avoid getting lost in a sea of ideas.

Reading different blogs will also give you an idea about the tone and language that can better engage the audience. Study the blogs that get the most responses, to get your inspiration.

7. Narrow it Down

When studying topics, brainstorming blog post ideas, and looking for content, you may see the internet is inundated with the same topic and idea, and you have no space to make your content stand out. So the best thing to do here would be narrowing it down and reach the specifics. Many specific niches may be concealed in a more generalized blog post. Look for it and try searching for your own opinions on the matter to generate unique ideas and content.

The unique your content is, the higher the chances are to get more website traffic.

8. Conduct Original Research

The readers are not always looking for opinions on a subject. They may be looking for facts. You can always carry out original research and publish the results in your blog post. The research may be carried out through a door to door survey (traditional way) or through the internet. The research results will form original content and be very popular among the audience as a source of original and authentic information.

9. Use Your Anecdotes or Stories

People read your blogs because you are good at them. It is often a good idea to entertain your audience with a little personal anecdote. Perhaps something that carries an inspiration or motivates your readers to work for something significant. Such blog posts are often popular with the audience and work very well to end your writer’s block and provide you with a whole new list of ideas for the future.

10. Go For Sequels

You may also want to revisit your old blog posts that did well. Reach for the main theme. Elaborate the content or go for a new idea on the same theme. Do not be scared of the fact that you may be repeating the same old thing. This time, you will be going for brand new content by just following a theme that was popular with your audience back then.

Another thing you can try is visiting blog posts of other writers and elaborating on the content or giving your opinions on the discussion.

11. Organize

A lack of discipline does not go well with anything. Keep track of all ideas you have, carry a notebook around and jot them down as you brainstorm them. Moreover, keep track of the topics that still need to be addressed. This step will ensure that you don’t lose ideas that were yet pending.

Final Words

When you start writing blogs, you are often flooded with ideas and exhilarated about writing. It all goes great until everything starts sounding redundant or too mainstream. Therefore, you must always stay in touch with the latest news, trends, and books and read lots of them to keep the ideas flowing. Reading and staying updated is a great way to keep the ideas coming. Happy Blogging!