Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolutions – (Book Summary and Announcement)


Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolutions power digital

The CEO of Site Tools Set, Noel Jerke, has authored and published a book Preparing For The AI and Robotic Revolution, to help people reap only the positives of the AI and Robotic revolution. Noel Jerke is a professional executive and entrepreneur working in the technology sector for almost three decades now. His close association and expertise in the subjects of artificial intelligence and robotics make him an authoritative figure to publish a book on such topics. The book has also been written by Grayson Jerke, who is a competitive college student with sheer fascination and interest in technology.

Our company, Power Digital Services, has also worked effortlessly to ensure a seamless publication of this book. Not only would we like to congratulate the authors on its publication, but provide our audience with a peek through this timeless book.


Preparing For The AI & Robotic Revolution – Book Summary

From AI-powered customer representatives to virtual assistants in our gadgets like Alexa and Cortana and industrial mobile robots, artificial intelligence and robots are rapidly integrating themselves in our lives. It is almost as if the world is on the verge of seeing yet another revolutionary change, just like it did far back in the last century when the industrial revolution took over. Experts expect one AI and Robotic Revolution soon and believe it to bring both good and bad impacts with it.

Preparing for The AI & Robotic Revolution helps its readers become familiar with this technology and all its possible impacts. It stresses different facets of this realm, helping its readers take a deep dig into this field and become prepared for what is to come ahead in the future to make the most of the good impacts, preventing the negative ones.

The following is a comprehensive yet brief peek into the then well-structured chapters of this book.

Chapter 1: Why Should I Care?

Just like any other revolution of the past, the AI and Robotic Revolution are capable of heavily altering the global trends and landscapes of a multitude of things. From our living standards, career opportunities, human-robot interactions, safety concerns, and more, AI and Robots can drastically affect our everyday lives. Therefore, even if we don’t fancy technological advancements and science, AI and Robotics will affect us directly or indirectly regardless. Hence, it is crucial to care about the topic at hand and prepare ourselves to make the most of such a mighty revolution.

Chapter 2: How Did We Get Here?

Did you know that artificial intelligence and robots are not a modern concept? Contrary to what many believe, robots and artificial intelligence appeared even before the advent of our century. Going down the memory lane of humans, one can see that ideas of robots first appeared as back as the civilizations of Greeks and Jews.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, first appeared in 1956 when a group of people collected with a shared vision of building machines as intelligent as humans. There were also times when interests regarding this field dampened: yes, we are referring to the AI winters!

This chapter takes its readers from ‘’first instances’’ to ‘’the future’’ of this field through a series of events with historical references.

Chapter 3: What is a Robot?

The functions of robots have differed throughout the past due to the difference in technological advancements. It is because of these differences that many find it hard to define what robots fundamentally are. This chapter walks you through all possible defining pointers. It makes you aware of the different types of robots present and their main applications today in distinct sectors of life like medicine, finance, etc.

Chapter 4: What is AI?

From the description of this technological wonder to positive and negative impacts of it, this chapter sheds an unbiased light on artificial intelligence. It helps one realize how Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist, was right when it came to artificial intelligence. According to him, AI could either be the best or worst thing to happen to our race.

Artificial intelligence, however, has terrifying potential to alter and revolutionize our contemporary world. Many experts believe that Artificial Intelligence, at its full potential, can overtake humans.

Chapter 5: Real-world Uses of AI and Robots – The Bad

Everything has a good and bad side: AI and automated robots are no different. With the tremendous potential these both possess, the harm they can cause is terrifying sometimes. While a Terminator-like apocalypse might not be our fate anytime soon, there might be one such possibility when AI-powered military bots become autonomous. Some other examples that we are more likely to encounter include privacy and security breaches. Give this book a read if you want to dig in deeper.

Chapter 6: Real-World Uses of AI and Robots – The Good

After breaking down the bad real-world uses of AI and Robots, the book eloquently walks you through the positive side of this field. It heavily stresses the positive applications of this technological realm in the medical, finances, housing, manufacturing, and exploration sectors. Highlights of this chapter include AI-powered cancer diagnosing tools, auto-driving cars like Tesla, and AI-powered robots by Boston Dynamics.

Chapter 7: The Current Size of the Industry

There is an in-depth analysis of the current size and trends of the industry for a larger and clear picture. Such trends help predict possible outcomes for the future. This section also features a briefing of the primary industry players.

Chapter 8: What Does the Near Future Look Like?

This chapter serves as a look into the future from the lens of experts. There are different outcomes mentioned. While no one knows for sure about what the future holds, expert opinions are more likely to incline towards reality because of calculated predictions.

Chapter 9: How Will the Revolution Affect Jobs?

With technological advances on the rise, many jobs are at risk, and it is natural to question if yours will be too one day.

Generally, experts believe that jobs with high-risk and mental routine profiles will be the first of casualties. On the other side, jobs that require emotional intelligence, creativity, and negotiation skills will be safe. It is because it will take some time to develop such advanced AI-powered systems and robots that depict all human qualities.

Chapter 10: How Do You Prepare for the Revolution?

After becoming acquainted with everything the AI and Robotic revolution is about, it is time to prepare for it to reap only the positive outcomes. As this advancement will heavily alter the landscapes of working industries leading to a spike in unemployment, it is essential to know if your job is safe. This section equips the readers with the tips and suggestions to effectively prepare for this change. It promotes scientific awareness, skill learning, and several other productive habits outcomes.

The Takeaway

Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution already seems to be one exceptional read with the summary of its content. It is a well-structured and well-written book that helps even beginners understand the topic at hand. Would you like to dig in deeper and know what readers already have to say about it? Check out more at