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Power Digital Services works with both small and large clients who represent a wide range of industries. Some of our clients can be found in the Fortune 500, some are local businesses and others are new exciting web startups.

Our world-wide team of project managers, copy writers, developers, designers, and virtual assistants has you covered.




Sharp has been a key client for over 5 years. We have built over two dozen custom solutions ranging from a call center support system to a system for creating customized PDF sales brochures.


Our custom built system supports the management of the rebates and sales process for their distributors and dealers.

Pak Foods LLC

Managing over 100 fast food franchises requires a well-designed system for tracking employee time, electronic documents and tracking expenses. We have worked with PAK Foods for several years to develop and grow their platform for managing their store operations.


This client needed a new upgraded system for delivering their consortium management services including a collaboration system for work groups.

California Vintage Cv

This exciting new startup is focused on selling California wines to the Asian market. The web site includes blogs, wine sales and wine club.

AI Insight

We have been working with AI Insight since the launch of their business. AI Insight provides alternative investment insight through training, education and increased efficiency.


Membership Registration and Renewal Site


Complete system system for managing remote care workers including track time and attendance, expenses, scheduling, client details and more.

This publisher has a highly successful series of over 80 branded web sites. Our team manages the design and technical infrastructure since the start of their publishing business.

ESEA Network

The Association is a membership organization made up of State ESEA Program Administrators. Their web site manages all aspects of membership as well as their national events which are supported by an on-line mobile app.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

We assist with the intern management processes for their hospital. This is an important part of their talent acquisition efforts.

Illuminating Facts

Illuminating Facts is focused exploring the world around us. Here you will find in depth research, interesting facts, amazing visual charts, insightful infographics, mesmerizing videos and more!

Hip Girlie

Hip Girlie can be your go-to website for fashion, beauty, travel, etc. Are you looking to explore new style ideas or if you need fashion and beauty tips for your next special event to attend, our site can guide you!

Divine Party Concepts

Divine Party Concepts is your helpful companion to throwing a party. Do you need ideas for throwing a children’s party, college party, wedding party, Christmas party, or even a simple get-together with your friends and family? If you do, this website has got you covered.

Lulu and Sweet Pea

Lulu and Sweet Pea has a lot of valuable posts that you can use in your daily life. These include healthy foods to serve your family, staying organized at home, what bags to use for formal events, cleaning hacks for busy parents, best places to travel with kids, things you need for container gardening, choosing cookware, and finding the best washer dryer.

Care For Yoo

Care For Yoo contains valuable advice, product recommendations and much more about caring for the people you love who need some extra help such as the elderly as well as caring for yourself.

My Hobby Life

My Hobby Life is home to great information about various hobbies that may spark your interest. For many people, carving out time and energy to engage in a hobby feels like one more thing that they do not have time to do.

Texas Happens

Texas Happens contains various information about the state of Texas, including its history, travel destinations, industries, and cities. In addition to that, we also provide tips about moving to Texas and everything you need to know about the state.